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This is just one of the many, many reasons why we here at Brad's Deals are obsessed with our Amazon Prime memberships. Buy Buy Baby doesn't publish exactly what's in the goody bag, but some covert mommy forum sleuthing found that previous recipients have gotten a copy of American Baby magazine, formula, baby food samples, a pacifier and more!

From formula samples and coupons to "unexpected gifts"sent to you throughout your membership, there's a lot to love about this program. You can redeem your points for things like free diapers, magazine subscriptions, and gift cards to places like Sephora! If you like what you got in the freebie box and don't mind paying for it, you don't have to do anything to start getting monthly deliveries of these products.

How New Parents Can Save Big with Our Baby Shopping Guide

Seventh Generation — Get coupons, access to new products and exclusive offers when you sign up for the Seventh Generation 'Generation Good' program. The same company seems to own all of the following sites that offer discounts on baby products.

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You'll have to pay shipping on these purchases, but that's it. Target also runs frequent deals, offering gift cards if you buy two or more boxes of various brands of diapers.

Free Baby Stuff – 50+ Freebies for New Moms

Keep an eye out for those. Once your kiddo levels off in term of sizing, buying in bulk from Costco is another great way to save. Keep in mind, however, that the brand selection is often limited. While there's nothing wrong with hand-me-down clothes and secondhand toys, be cautious about buying a used car seat.

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You'll want to make sure it's never been involved in an accident. Also, check to see if the model has been recalled or if the seat has expired. One big way to save is to skip the infant car seat altogether and go straight for a convertible car seat. Additionally, since all car seats have to pass the same safety tests, a higher price tag doesn't necessarily mean the car seat is safer although it may mean extra padding or an easier installation.

If you want to save in the long run, buy a crib that converts into a children's bed. This way, the crib can grow with your baby. November is usually the best time to buy baby crib designs, and tends to be the best time of year to buy baby furniture in general. Also, don't forget about Ikea. All your newborn really needs are basic onesies and pajamas. It's hard to go wrong with retailers like Target and Walmart for these.

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The Children's Place also frequently has amazing deals, especially if you're on the email list frequent coupons and promotions are the norm. One other money-saving hack is to buy infant clothes out of season. Do a quick search for "baby shops near me" to check out local clearance sales, as well. If you can predict your little one's size in advance, buying ahead of time is a great way to save. So when do baby items go on sale? Take it from the veteran parents and avoid over-buying.


Certain items, while nice to have, are just not necessary if you're looking to save money. For example:.


You can get free baby stuff from Huggies Rewards by collecting points from Huggies diapers and other Huggies products. These points add up fast and you can redeem them for free baby coupons, gift certificates, books, and toys. The codes can be redeemed for free baby stuff like baby food, toys, gift cards, baby gear, and books. Sometimes it's a free gift with purchase but once in awhile a fantastic coupon code will come around that will let you get some completely free baby stuff. To find the coupons, check out the Sunday newspaper coupon inserts and keep your eye out for online coupons for baby products and other things you need.

Freecycle is a place where people post stuff that they don't want anymore. Instead of dealing with the hassle of selling it, they just want to get rid of it. Like they say, another person's trash could be your treasure.

28 Baby Freebies for New & Expecting Moms - The Krazy Coupon Lady

There's a ton of free baby stuff just waiting out there on Freecycle and you've just got to go looking for it. If there's some baby stuff that you want but it isn't free, just keep an eye on the listing. If the item has been listed for awhile and isn't selling, contact the seller and see if you can possibly get it for free.

Most of the times the seller will want to unload it anyway if the item doesn't sell. You never know until you ask! Convince a family member or friend to throw you a baby shower and invite everyone you know. They'll want to celebrate this happy time with you and shower you in free baby stuff. When people have garage sales, they often get rid of the stuff they don't sell when the garage sale is over. You might be surprised at all the free baby stuff you can score if you just ask. You don't need to wait for garage sale season to get free baby stuff from your neighbors anymore.

Facebook Marketplace allows you to browse your local area for free baby stuff. Use the "Only Show Free Listings" option to see only the completely free baby stuff offered. I recently did a search in my area and I found a free toddler bed, bounce chair, formula, baby bath, toys, car seats, clothes, a stroller, and lots more. Baby swaps or kid swaps are when a group of parents get together and trade baby stuff they don't want anymore for baby stuff they do want.